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Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 JTD (70HP) DFN [2004]
km: 168673
Years of service: 18.5

Issue: starter motor showing signs of weakness. Meaning, motor stops turning after (much)
less than 1 full crank rotation.

No error messages on dashboard. Power off and reset of ignition sequence start got me running twice
but it was obvious that this was a top priority issue and that the starter motor was EOL (end
of life). Note that my battery was less than 6 months old.

Original FIAT references:



SOLENOID 77362732
LEVER 77362735
PINION 77362731
ARMATURE 77362730
WINDING 77362733

The question now is: to repair the existing one or to buy a completely new one?

Given the price of the completely new one, I would recommend to buy a new spare part.

So, I bought the following from autodoc:

VALEO NEW ORIGINAL PART 438168 Anlasser 12V 1,3kW, Zähnez.: 9

Meaning: 12 Volts, 1.3 kW, 9 teeth, rotation as shown in images.

Since space is extremely limited in my configuration, the images at the end of the album give
an idea of the length of my extension and the drinking straw.

Extension: 16 cm
Straw: 15 cm

In other words, I had a total length of 16 cm to screw and unscrew the upper torx 45 bolt.
Anything longer than that was conflicting with the DFN/selespeed clutch position sensor.

So, after validating the total length of 16 cm with a 3/8 inch extension,
I changed my rachet size from 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch. The 1/4 inch rachet configuration allowed me to
have a total length of rachet + extension + torx bit holder + torx bit of 15 cm.
This eliminated the conflict with the clutch position sensor (Image5311, Image5312, Image5314, Image5535, Image5536)

Please kindly make sure you watch the 3 following videos showing the same procedure for 1.3 FPT
engine on different configurations, compared to mine.

1/3: Starter motor Fiat Linea, Punto, Dobló. Alfa Romeo MiTo. How to replace! (Alfa Romeo? No Problem!)

2/3: Vauxhall Corsa E 1.3 CDTI Starter Motor Removal Replacement (IAMASPANNER)


Useful info (PDFs) :
FIAT ePER46823548.pdf
FIAT ePER46823548 components.pdf

5520B10 STARTER MOTOR - R+R - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
A20 STARTER' MOTOR - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
A1B BATTERY ( BATTERY NEGATIVE ) - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
A20A STARTER' MOTOR ( BATTERY POSITIVE ) - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
A20A STARTER' MOTOR ( RECHARGING ) - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
A20B STARTER' MOTOR ( ENGINE ) - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf

438168 VALEO NEW ORIGINAL PART D6G32 Anlasser 12V 1,3kW, Zähnez._ 9 ▷ AUTODOC Preis und Erfahrung.pdf
458191 VALEO REMANUFACTURED PREMIUM D6G32 Anlasser 12V 1,3kW, Zähnez._ 9 ▷ AUTODOC Preis und Erfahrung.pdf

ERA EC.pdf

Bonus: refit checklist!!!

01. With the starter motor out of the way, now is a good time to take a picture
of the alternator reference, because we never know what's next.
02. since your battery has been out of the car for a while, now's a good time to
charge your battery with your favourite battery charger
03. print a sticker for historic reference
05. compare old starter motor to new starter motor
07. dry electrical test run of new starter motor. Spins OK? Engages OK?
Rotation direction OK?
08. clean contact surface between starter motor and engine block
09. WD-40 on nut of metallic turbo hose on engine block (only if necessary, Image5344, Image5349, Image5350) 
20. clean torx 45 bolts
21. test fit torx 45 bolts into engine block + starter motor
22. prepare a drinking straw for next step (Image5508, Image5509, Image5510, Image5511, Image5512)
23. prepare upper torx 45 bolt to penetrate engine block
24. Take note of the rachet extensions sizes as mentioned above (end of album)
30. screw by hand the upper torx 45 bolt while feeding the starter motor underneath the car
(in case you have an assistant available. If you're on your own, you'll need to fiddle a bit)
31. screw by hand the lower torx 45 bolt
32. tighten the upper torx 45 bolt to 23 - 28 Nm
33. tighten the lower torx 45 bolt to 23 - 28 Nm
34. tighten the starter motor electrical cable tie "sandwich" with a 13mm hex nut
35. place historic reference sticker on new starter motor, visible when car is on lift
36. re-tighten metallic turbo hose on engine block (only if necessary, Image5344, Image5349, Image5350)
37. re-clip turbo hose with heating tube (only if necessary)
38. take a pic of selespeed fluid level  (only if necessary)
39. refit selespeed tank alloy shield with 4x 10mm hex nuts (only if necessary)
40. fix and tighten turbo hose with intercooler (only if necessary)
53. replug the 3-pin clutch position sensor (Image5311, Image5312, Image5314, Image5535, Image5536)
55. re-fit the plastic selespeed relay and fuse holder (Image5538)
56. fix and tighten battery tray
57. fix and tighten glow plug relay
58. fix and tighten battery with belt
59. fix and tighten battery terminals
65. FINAL visual check
66. prepare to execute next 4 steps with the glow plug temperature in mind
68. WITHOUT starting the engine, power-up car with key to MAR
69. Set you gear to neutral
70. Do you see any alerts?
72. If you don't see any alerts... GO engine START, GO-GO-GO baby!!!
80. take note of odometer status kms _ _ _ _ _ _ and date _ _ - _ _ - 2 0 _ _
85. Go for a test drive (all 5 forward gears + reverse + neutral)

Best of luck with your project!!!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? LANCIA -at- danaus -dot- NET

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