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Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 JTD (70HP) DFN [2004]
km: 161870
date: 21jan2022

Issue: Failed MOT test because of an airbag fault light (red). This was an intermittent issue, with
the red light sometimes auto-clearing itself, sometimes staying on.

copy/paste from FES/MES diagnosis:

Autoliv MY99 Airbag (2F-2P-2T-I)
ISO Code: AE 80 07 02 8C
Errors found: 
3C - Front crash sensor (left)
No help available
The reason for this fault is Open circuit
The current status of the fault is Intermittent
The error counter value is 169

The issue was resolved at the official dealership. They changed the pre-crash sensor part
number 46843258. The sensor is nicely placed in the front center, see pics.

Needless to say that you need to take all the necessary precautions if you want to change
this part yourself, meaning disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes before touching
any airbag related connections.

6 months and 2600 km later, I confirm that the airbag light shows no false positives any more!

I am taking this opportunity to list some part numbers in case you want to service
your car on your own.

Part n°  DESC
73500049 engine oil filter + seal (autodoc: PURFLUX L330 Ölfilter)

7734022  Drain Plug Bolt

77365902 diesel fuel filter + seal (autodoc: UFI filters 77362340)
51775324 JTD air filter
46723331 air pollen filter
73500070 Oil filter Lid Housing Top Cover Cap

Procedure for diesel filter replacement:

1044B10 FUEL FILTER ASSEMBLY - R + R OR REPLACE - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
1044B20 FUEL FILTER FILTERING ELEMENT - REPLACE - Lancia - Ypsilon - eLearn - 4CarData.pdf
Fiat Multijet Fuel Filter Replacement
Replacing JTD type fuel filter using Blue Print tool

Tool reference:
Blue Print ADK85502 Fuel Filter Removal Tool
tested and is fully compatible (Image3169) .

Bonus: oil + oil filter change checklist!!!

00. buy oil spec selenia WR, SAE 5W-40, ACEA B4, API CF, FIAT 9.55535-M2
01. take cardboards to protect the floor
02. take tools (allen, allen 12mm bit, dyno-key, oil pan, tripods, light, 27mm socket, ...)
03. lift car
04. remove oil cap (cover with a cloth) + dip stick (cover with a cloth)
05. drain oil
06. remove air filter assembly
07. remove filter + o-ring
08. install new filter, new o-ring, pre-oil o-ring. Torque: 25.50 Nm (or as indicated on housing)
09. if necessary, replace oil drain cap with new. Torque: 20 Nm
10. pour new oil progressively. Total capacity: 3L (confirmed)
11. check oil level, remove dip stick, repeat step 10
12. start engine for 1 minute, wait, top up
13. reassemble, check
14. final visual check
15. take note of date _ _ - _ _ - 2 0 _ _ and kms _ _ _ _ _ _

Best of luck with your project!!!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? LANCIA -at- danaus -dot- NET

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