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Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 JTD (70HP) DFN [2004]
km: 153542

Clutch pump not priming when opening driver's door. Road assistance got me going just by slightly tapping
with a hammer close to gearbox (under battery). A week later, issue recurred.

While running, following error appeared, but I think it's all due to motor brushes being end-of-life.
In my (humble) opinion, software is unable to detect true root cause because the motor is just being
powered without active monitoring (RPM, ...). So, no way to tell if the motor is pumping or not...
Note that the motor is being powered by the 50A relay close to the battery (Image1864).

Errors found: 
P1744 - Hydraulic circuit pressure sensor

Battery voltage: 13.49 V
Vehicle speed: 0.0 km/h
Engine speed: 800 rpm
Hydraulic circuit pressure: 40 bar
Gear engaged: 1 
Desired gear: 1 
Gearbox oil temperature: 32.0 °C

Check the wiring and connectors of the sensor indicated by the code. If necessary replace the sensor.
The reason for this fault is that ECU has received invalid signal from the sensor.
The fault is not detected now, but it is stored in memory.
Clear fault codes, and observe for future appearance of the same fault.
Dashboard warning light was activated for this fault.

Marelli SELESPEED CFC208F (1) Automatic Gearbox
ECU ISO code	BC 07 08 83 23 
FIAT drawing number	55205427    
Hardware number	CFC208F.09  
Hardware version	00 
Software number	FDA17ES0    
Software version	0000 
Homologation number	       
ECU programming date	05/05/2006 

Also applies to: dualogic, selespeed, ...

So what's next? --> ypsilon23

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