My radio-controlled model.

[The Thunder Tiger.]

Preparing to run…

[Challenger Pro Racing spinning...]

…off we go! The permanent 4WD transmission assures perfect control even under extreme conditions. Just look the deep circles in the snow!

[It can't stop spinning...]

The wheels are spinning without break…

[...and it's always ready to start again!]

… and the suspensions adapt the wheels that launch the snow high above the spoiler.


[Mitsubishi and Challenger.]

[Which one do you prefer?]

Mitsubishi Space Runner 4x4 vs. Thunder Tiger Racing Challenger Pro. The large slick-tyres stick the little model on the asphalt.

[Refuel me, please!]

Refuel, warm up and regulate the fuel screw (on the left of the air filter) before the race.
The temporary aluminum bumper protects better the frontal system than the original one.