Tour du Léman, September 14th 2002.

Exhibition of all the cars in front of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

The atmosphere at the marriage at St-Peter's was enriched by the sound of the british piper.

The oldest car of the manifestation, an 1896 Panhard et Levassor, arrives and brakes firmly to avoid a young lady. One of the organisers says: "Ah oui, il faut faire attention, Mademoiselle! Next, the arrival of a 1900 Payne et Bates.

Only cars constructed before december 31st 1904 are allowed to enter the yard!

Not enough space for this 1898 Fisson to turn, but finally the way is open.

The arrival of the 1903 Gladiator and 1902 Napier.

Here comes the 1899 de Dion - Bouton with her one-cylinder engine.

Listen to the brakes and see the exhaust-gas of this 1902 Panhard et Levassor.

The monocylinder 1904 Wolseley preceding the 1903 Hurtu. As the Wolsley stalls, the 1903 Hurtu, Darracq and 1902 Murray wait behind...

...while waiting patiently, the Murray reverses and the Darracq keeps a perfect idle speed.

Even if the Wolsley's engine refuses to start, the trip continues without problems.

Now the Hurtu and the Darracq may continue the course... well as the Murray and the 1902 Darracq.

The 1902 Clement and the 1903 Mercedes Simplex go downhill, slowly.

Welcoming the 1900 Georges Richard and the 1902 Wolseley and two 1903 de Dion - Bouton.

Arrival of the 1902 Gladiator.

Arrival of the 1902 MMC.

Arrival of a 1901 Panhard et Levassor.

Arrival of a 1901 Georges Richard.

Arrival of a 1900 New Orleans.