Tour du Léman, September 14th 2002.

Exhibition of all the cars in front of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral.

The 1903 Hurtu and her engine.

Exploring the 1902 Napier.

The late arrival of the 1902 de Dion - Bouton and the 1901 Georges Richard.

The 1899 and 1900 Georges Richard.

The 1902 MMC.

The 1899 de Dion - Bouton with a transmission detail.

The engine of a 1902 Darracq.

The magnificent 1903 Mercedes Simplex with on-board views.

The 1904 Renault and the 1902 Wolseley.

The 1903 de Dion - Bouton and details of her 2-cylinder engine.

The 1902, 1903 and 1904 de Dion - Bouton.

The 1902 Panhard et Levassor and the 1904 Wolseley.

The 1900 New Orleans.

A general view of the Saint-Pierre yard and organizers willing to reply to any question about the manifestation.