Tour du Léman, September 14th 2002.

Saturday morning, 10h00.

The 1900 Payne et Bates gets ready to start the course.

Other details and sound of this car.

The 1896 Panhard et Levassor, the 1902 Murray and the 1898 Fisson going past the latter.

The 1899 de Dion - Bouton and the 1902 Napier.

The 1902 Clement and the 1904 de Dion - Bouton.

The 1904 Wolseley with her proud driver and the 1899 Georges Richard.

The fastest car of the manifestation, a 1903 Mercedes Simplex. Don't forget to listen to the starter of this car!

The atmosphere of the coexistence of old and recent cars, water level check and the starting of a 1900 Georges Richard.

The 1902 Wolseley and the 1901 Panhard et Levassor.

The 1903 Hurtu, starting in real traffic conditions.

At about 10h30, all the cars were ready to start the course!