In case you get an F318 error code for Miele fridge KF 7772 B, this might help you.

Spare part number is 11 912 920

Original fan reference was AUB0912LJ-03

DC 12V 0.10A

UPDATE: a couple of days later, the error recurred.

The next spare part number replaced was 11 912 930 (power electronics)

packingboxandsparepartreferences_small.jpg packingboxandsparepartreferences2_small.jpg oldfaultyfan_small.jpg oldfaultyfan2_small.jpg oldfaultyfan3_small.jpg
oldfaultyfan4_small.jpg oldfaultyfan5_small.jpg rotationandflowdirection_small.jpg vconnector_small.jpg vconnector2_small.jpg
vconnector3_small.jpg vconnector4_small.jpg vconnector5_small.jpg vconnector6_small.jpg vconnector7_small.jpg
vconnector8_small.jpg updatepowerelectronicsalsoreplaced_small.jpg updatepowerelectronicsalsoreplaced2_small.jpg

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